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Midland High School Girl's Basketball Schedule
  Friday 6:00 PM Meet the Timberwolves JV/V Home
11/12/2018 Monday 5:00 PM Princeton HS Holiday Tournament V AWAY
11/13/2018 Monday 5:00 PM Princeton HS Holiday Tournament V AWAY
11/15/2018 Thursday 5:00 PM Princeton HS Holiday Tournament V AWAY
11/16/2018 Friday 6:30 PM Princeton HS Holiday Tournament V AWAY
11/17/2018 Saturday TBA Princeton HS Holiday Tournament V AWAY
11/19/2018 Monday 6:00 PM DePue V Home
11/26/2018 Monday 5:30 PM LaMoille-Ohio (played @ Ohio) V Away
11/27/2018 Tuesday 6:00 PM Stark County JV/V Away
11/29/2018 Thursday 6:00 PM Peoria Christian V Home
12/1/2018 Saturday 11:00 AM Blue Ridge (Farmer City) V Home
12/3/2018 Monday 6:00 PM Galva JV/V Home
12/5/2018 Wednesday 5:00 PM IVC (Freshman) F Away
12/6/2018 Thursday 6:00 PM Marquette JV/V Away
12/8/2018 Saturday 10:00 AM Peoria Heights JV/V Away
12/10/2018 Monday 6:00 PM Princeville V Home
12/11/2018 Tuesday 6:00 PM Flanagan-Cornell JV/V Home
12/12/2018 Wednesday 5:30 PM Putnam County (Freshman) F Away
12/13/2018 Thursday 6:00 PM Putnam County JV/V Away
12/18/2018 Tuesday 6:00 PM DePue JV Home
12/20/2018 Thursday 6:00 PM ROWVA/ONEIDA JV/V Home
12/26-12/28 M-W TBA Princeville Holiday Tournament V Away
1/3/2019 Thursday 6:00 PM Seneca JV/V Home
1/5/2019 Saturday 11:00 AM Deer Creek - Mackinaw JV/V Home
1/8/2019 Tuesday 6:00 PM Earlville-Leland JV/V Home
1/9/2019 Wednesday 5:00 PM Putnam County (Freshman) F Home
1/10/2019 Thursday 6:00 PM Roanoke-Benson V Home
1/12-1/17 Sat, M, TH TBA Tri County Tournament (Roanoke-Benson) V Away
1/24/2019 Thursday 6:00 PM IVC JV/V Home
1/28/2019 Monday 6:00 PM Fieldcrest JV/V Away
1/31/2019 Thursday 6:00 PM Henry - Senachwine JV/V Away
2/4-2/9 Mon-Fri TBA Regional V TBA

Please visit the school website for a list of tournament times, and brackets.The location of away games and bus times can be found on the athletic calendar.


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