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During the first few days of school, both first semester and second semester, schedule changes will be allowed ONLY under the following circumstances as listed in the student handbook:

  1. If an error was made by the MHS staff in scheduling.
  2. If a course conflict is present on the schedule.
  3. If an improper course placement has been made.
  4. If a compelling educational reason is cited. (A conference must be completed with the parent and student)
  5. Within the first 3 days if a student elects to drop a course and enter study hall (if one is available) as long as the student is taking 4 academic classes and PE. (A conference must be completed with the parent and student)
  6. Students dropping a course after the designated 3 days will be issued an F for the quarter and semester and no credit for the course will be given. The grade of F will be calculated into the current and cumulative grade point average. (A conference must be completed with the parent and student)
  7. Course schedules of students enrolled in special education programs may be changed at any time in accordance with individual education plans.
  8. If a credit recovery course was taken over the summer and a failed course needs to be removed from the schedule due to passing recovery.

Please remember, if you waive PE for academic reasons, you must take a class in lieu of PE. If you are waiving for a sport, you must have PE on your schedule still, and you will receive a “study hall” during the time your sport is active. Once your sport ends, you will be required to go back into your PE.