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Zack Essex » Physical Education/Health Teacher

Physical Education/Health Teacher

A Special Welcome To Mr. Essex Classroom: 
About My Class:  
        In life, you have choices.  Choices on what to do, choices on what to say, choices on how to act, choices for everything.  Your choices will determine how great or how negative of an experience you will have in my classes. I feel as though I have the best job in the world because I have the ability to mold young minds into being successful now, and later on in life.  I use physical education and health to teach life and leadership.  As a teacher, I am very demanding.  I demand excellence, manners, respect, and attentiveness.  I teach the way that I do because I feel that if I keep pushing you to better yourself, to reach further, and to expect more, I will get you to think critically about everything you do, why you do it and how this can apply to your life and future.  I teach the way I do so you can see that there is more to life that what is right in front of you.  Through my teaching, you may realize that you are good at something you may not have tried before, you realize that you can achieve things that you may not have ever though was possible, and most importantly,  so you can inch that much closer to your full potential.  My Job as an educator is to help you become the best version of you that you can be.  Although it may be viewed as  "just" physical education or health, you can learn a lot about yourself and life through my courses.  Good Luck!! and I hope you are as excited to take this course as I am to teach it.  
About Mr. Essex:
I will be entering my 5th year as a teacher and I feel I have the best job in the world.  I am certified in Physical education, Health, and Driver's Education.  I will also be entering my 6th year as a basketball coach and 4th year as a head varsity basketball coach.  My teaching methods are the same on the court as they are in the classroom and I use basketball and education to teach about life.  I Grew up in West Frankfort Illinois and I graduated college from Southern Illinois University.  My priorities in life are as followed; God, Family, Basketball/Education.  I have a wonderful family that includes a wonderful better half named Jennie and a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Ella.  With my knowledge and experience, My intentions are to continue the successful ways of the classroom and place the basketball team back on the path of their winning ways.  
Social Media:
I use social media solely for education/basketball and family pictures.  
Twitter:  @zack_essex
Email:  zessex@midland-7.net